Armadillo’s Leap Gives, the winery’s charity program, is announced

With Armadillo’s Leap Gives, Armadillo’s Leap Winery gives back to the Texas community. A portion of every case sold in its tasting room will be given to charity. Each year the Kuhlken-Osterberg family will choose a charity to be a recipient of the donation. In 2016 AL Gives is supporting Westcave Preserve, located just west of Austin. Click here to read more about the program.

Taking a Leap

SAHMmelier (aka Alissa Leenher) visits Armadillo’s Leap and gives a great rundown for why you should visit one of the newest wineries on the 290 wine trail. As she says,

“Sparkling Moscato and Mimosa Mornings, blends given TLAs (three-letter acronyms) like BFF, OMG, and WTF, this is a place to sit back and enjoy your friends. But don’t let their relaxed names fool you, they are still serious about making good wine and giving back to the community.”

Click here for the full article and review of AL wines.

Food and Wine Mag – Texas wines and wines priced $15-30 big hits in 2016

Food and Wine magazine interviews the wine buyer for Whole Foods USA–a guy who sells a whopping 42 million cases a year–about what’s hot in 2016. He gives Texas wines the nod, calling them “amazing,” as well as to identify the $15-30 price range as the sweet spot in 2016. As he points out there is an enormous quality jump as one moves from $8-10 to $15-20, and consumers are willing to pay for the good juice.  Sparklers, such as AL’s Moscato+ which fall in the $20-30 range are especially popular. Click here for all the wine trends.

A Weekday in Texas Hill Country

Steve Ruegg visits Armadillo’s Leap and enjoys his first tasting of the Armadillo’s Leap line up. Well familiar with our sister winery, Pedernales Cellars, he appreciates the value of AL. Click here to read about his experience.